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Cinema Sunday #14|The Princess Switch (2018) Movie Review

princess-switch-netflixThe Princess Switch
Released: November 16th 2018
Length of Film: 1h 41 min
Genres: Christmas, Romance
Rating: 5 Stars


A Chicago baker (Vanessa Hudgens) is competing in a Christmas baking competition in Belgravia. There she bumps into the prince’s fiancee. They look alike and switch for 2 days. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”



This movie really took me by surprise. I’m a sucker for a good Christmas movie and I honestly didn’t think that this one was going to be as amazing as it turned out to be.

I love Vanessa Hudgens because I grew up watching her on the Disney Channel. Getting to see her act in a new movie brought back a sense of nostalgia that made me remember all the good memories of watching her and other Disney stars when I was a child.

maxresdefaultShe didn’t lose her acting touch one bit. I loved the two very different characters she portrayed in this film. She brought them both to life is such different ways that it almost seemed like it was her and her imaginary twin acting in this movie. She did an incredible job, making the two very different worlds of Stacy De Novo, and Dutchess Margaret intertwine.

xps_unit_05229The romance that bloomed throughout this movie made me swoon. I found my heart melting for the two amazing couples that slowly began to fall for one another. I was a mess. So happy for them, I even found myself crying at one point.

the-princess-switch-netflix-vanessa-hudges-Overall I thought the actors did an amazing job. The spirit of Christmas was captured perfectly with the romance blooming throughout the film. I love how much I learned to love each and every character and the ending had me breathless. I encourage everyone looking for a refreshing new Christmas movie to go and give this one a try!

5 Stars

What movie is showcased for your Cinema Sunday! Please let me know in the comments and don’t hesitate to leave the link to you Cinema Sunday post! Happy watching!



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