For inquiries about book reviews, ARC reviews, author interviews or anything else blog related please email me here at or simply use the contact form below.

*Currently Accepting Physical Books for Review*

Things you should know before inquiring about book reviews:

My ratings are clean and fair. Any feelings I have towards authors and publishers will not influence my ratings in any manner. I do not take compensation for reviews, nor do I let anyone influence me to write a good or bad review. My thoughts are solely my own. If you send me a book for review and I do not like it, I will still be posting a review. I am always respectful of authors and their work, but I believe in sharing my opinion with my followers whether it be a good review or a bad one.

I generally like to read ARC’s one or two months before the publication date. The reason being, I like to stay on top of new releases as much as possible.

I always post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads and Indigo. My Amazon account is not currently letting me post review for some reason, but once I have that fixed, I will be posting all reviews there as well. I also leave links to my reviews on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m a firm believer in helping authors get recognition by posting reviews.

I am open to plenty of genres, but I’d prefer it if you only inquired about Young Adult books at this time. I am open to any sub-genre!! And I mean ANY SUB-GENRE, if it sounds interesting, I will likely accept. Never hurts to send an email πŸ™‚